SANTAS VILLAGE Amusement Park Dundee IL Souvenir Map

21 x 13 1/2 inch vintage foldout map. The Three Worlds of SANTA'S VILLAGE Dundee, IL. Map details THE SWISS TOBOGGAN, CANDY CANE SLEIGH. GINGERBREAD HOUSE, RACING RAPIDS ACTION PARK, and more.

Santa's Village a theme park built in 1959 by Glenn Holland who also built the other two in San Bernardino County, California and Santa Cruz County, California. When it opened it was a very prominent theme park. One addition to the park was the "Polar Dome" which provided an ice skating and hockey venue under a forced-air supported dome. On November 28, 1966, a strong wind caused the "Polar Dome" to collapse. The dome was then replaced by a flat cedar roof. Santa's Village declined in quality in the last 5 years of its operation and In 2006 it did not operate because of financial problems. In August 2006, the park announced its permanent closure. The rides and fixtures were auctioned in October 2006

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