This auction is for an adorable Christmas Snowglobe with the theme "The Night Before Christmas." The snowglobe and base are quite large and stands approximately 10 1/2" tall. The base shows children sleeping with visions of sugarplums and the parents looking out the window, wondering what the noise is that they are hearing. The snow globe shows Santa filling the stockings and on top of the snowglobe is the chimney which he came down in and his reindeer waiting for him to move on to t next destination. The snowglobe was originally touch activated, meaning when you put the battery in and flipped the switch the snowglobe would start telling the tale of the story "The night before Christmas." It still tells the story if you flip the switch, but it no longer appears to be touch activated and will continue to tell the story until you turn it off. It is still a great piece and displays nicely. The globe comes in the original box. Email me if you have any questions and thank you for viewing this auction. Please feel free to view my other Christmas items up for auction. If interested in multiple items will combine shipping.