Sapphire Blue Pirate Corset Bodice Renaissance

Sapphire Blue Wench Corset

by Damsel in this Dress

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All of my corsets are: *Designed from my own signature patterns. *Made with sturdy upholstery weight fabric, which is also used for the lining. *Double stitched with upholstery thread with a tensile strength of 8 lbs. *Rigid at the front openings with my signature, rubber-dipped fiberglass boning. *Boned throughout the bodice with double-thickness European Spring Steel. *Professionally set with wide double-sided brass grommets. * Designed for women's bodies!!!

At renaissance faires, this piece sells for $55.

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Bodice :

This bodice will fit any bust size and a waist measuring 28 to 30 inches. Please measure carefully according to the instructions below.
This is the corset that started it all, only modified and perfected over the last few years. It is a breed of a waist cincher and a Victorian corset. We have found the longer width to be flattering and comfortable for all body types. If you're wanting to start your Wench wardrobe, you need look no more. This bodice in boned in 5 places, using spring steel on the sides and back and fiberglass rods up the front. T rods are hand-dipped
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