Sarah Timberlake Weller Pottery Oil on Board Mountain Scenic Small Painting Rare

We are listing for your consideration a lovely early 20th Century Signed Small Oil on Board Mountain Lake Scenic Painting by Sarah Timberlake of Weller Pottery. This rare painting is in Excellent Original Condition with some light craze lines in the white mountain paint. The frame has a slight indent in the wood at the lower left corner. It has it's original dark paint as well as gold gilded trim over it so it was made that way. There is very slight very minimal wear to the original paint on the frame. You can refer to the pictures. We guarantee 100% you will be more than happy with the exceptional condition of this painting. The painting measures 10" x 6 7/8" x 1" at the outer frame, the showing painting measures 7 1/2" x 4 1/2" and the painting with frame weighs approximately 7oz. The painting is signed at the lower left corner ST for Sarah Timberlake. She is famous for her wonderful scenic landscape paintings on the Weller Pottery Hudson line. The painting is of a wonderful mountainous landscape scene with pine trees and a lake. Great detail and great slight texture to the painting. The snow covered mountain has thicker paint. A rare example of Sarah Timberlake in a wonderful small oil painting. It would make a great addition to anyone's collection and or household. If you have any questions please email. We will ship via USPS ... read more