Sarkhan Unbroken 1x NM-Mint, English MTG Magic Dragons of Tarkir M

Item Description Please see item title for Condition and Quantity information. *For more details about condition, please see the Card Grading Scale on our About Us page. Most pictures are stock. Please see item title for actual product. Our grading scale for cards is as follows: NM-Mint: This card is basically pack fresh with no noticeable flaws or wear. Light Play: This card has minor wear such as a small shuffle crease or a small amount of whitening around the edges. Moderate Play: This card will usually have wear around all the edges and might have a larger shuffle crease. Also could include scratches or very small dents. Heavy Play: This card will have wear all over the card. This includes possible dents, scratches, or creases. Heavy whitening around the edges. Damaged: This card has severe damage with it such as water damage. Missing part of the card or a card that is defaced in some fashion. Damaged cards will not usually beplayable in a sleeve. Lightning Fast Shipping! All of our orders are shipped out within 1 BUSINESS DAY from when we receive payment. A Seller You Can Trust! The Game Academy Online has been a leading seller of Magic and other CCG Cards for over 8 YEARS on eBay! Check our eBay store or our online website for our full inventory, and please ! Shipping and Handling Information We know you want your cards arriving ... read more