SATCHEL PAIGE Baseball Hall Of Fame Nomi 1971 Newspaper

SATCHEL PAIGE Baseball Hall Of Fame Nominated 1971 Newspaper
is a complete, genuine historic newspaper with the following title, date and description: THE SPRINGFIELD UNION , Massachusetts, February 10, 1971.
* Satchel Paige nominated to the Basebal Hall Of Fame
This 38 page newspaper has five column headline on page 28: with two column photo of Satche "Paige Proud New Hall of Famer" l Paige. Other news of the day throughout. Small binding holes along spine with minor margin wear, otherwise in nice condition.

source: wikipedia: Late in 1960 Paige began collaborating with writer David Lipman on his autobiography, which was to be published by Doubleday in April 1962 . It was so successful that Doubleday issued three printings.

At the age of 56, in 1961 Paige signed on with the Triple-A Portland Beavers of the Pacific Coast League , pitching twenty-five innings, striking out 19 and giving up 18 earned runs. He failed to record a single decision in his stint with the Beavers.

In 1965 , Kansas City Athletics owner Charles O. Finley signed Paige, 59 at the time, for one game. On September 25 , against the Boston Red Sox , Finley invited several Negro League veterans including Cool Papa Bell to be introduced before the game. Paige was in the bullpen, sitting on a rocking chair, being served coffee
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