4 Saturday Evening Post Norman Rockwell Covers only 1934-1937 eisenhower

A client bought a pile of original Norman Rockwell covers Saturday Evening Posts at a garage sale recently. A vast majority of them are in very good shape with a plastic protective sleeve, but a few have no sleeve. They all measure about 14x12 inches, full color, and most have minor or medium chipping to the left edge where they were torn from the magazine. These are ONLY sleeves, no magazines here. I am happy to combine shipping if you win multiple lots. It will take me several days to put them all on, in groups of 4 each auction. Just ask me for a combined invoice when you finish bidding. I will roll them lightly to ship in a sturdy box, or I could take a stiff backer and send in a gigantic padded envelope, if you prefer, but they do not seem fragile. Since there have only been a couple bidders I will make them 3 days rather than 7 days to get them done quicker...

Apr 21, 1934

Feb 9, 1935 Lucky Strike cigs ad

Jan 23, 1937 International Trucks Ad

Apr 24, 1937 Studebaker ad