SAVE S/H us stamp usa sc#E18 special delivery Mint/nh xf/superb

S/H IN the USA will be .99 cent for the first item, and add Nothing for additional items, ITEMS MUST BE PAID ON ONE PAYPAL INVOICE TO GET S/H DISCOUNTS, OR ADDITIONAL S/H CHARGES WILL APPLY....

FREE S/H FOR USA buyers paid on single invoices on two or more items adding up to 15 dollars or more... payments due within 3 days of first purchase, but you may (ebay email) for additional time.

INTERNATIONAL S/H will be 1.99 for the first item and pay nothing extra for each additional item paid on the same paypal invoice.

ITEMS are ONLY returnable if description is incorrect, and only have 14 days from payment date using ebay email to notify of the problem.

YOUR purchases should automatically invoice in your (my ebay) section, so please don't pay until you are completely done shopping, if items do not calculate automatically please send me an (ebay email)