Savinelli Autograph Grade 8 Bamboo Hand-Sculpted Pipe - Believed Unsmoked

Savinelli Autograph Grade 8 Bamboo Hand-Sculpted In Italy Pipe - Believed Unsmoked

Daddy's little girl is sadly selling her late father's pipe collection. There are several in his collection that I will be offering online as time permits.

Please read my descriptions carefully, and reference all images for inspection and description verification. I will do my best to provide answers to questions, and/or provide additional photographs.

This 'Savinelli Autograph Grade 8 Bamboo' briar original design hand-sculpted pipe is from my late father's collection. He began collecting pipes in the 1970s, so he likely purchased this new from a shop in Old Town, Alexandria. Please excuse my ignorance, but daddy didn't teach me about pipes, so I am dependent upon images and information (often from what collector's share) on the Internet.

The pipe's design has a smooth finish, with a jaggedly surface at the top of the bowl, and a large bamboo band giving it style and character. I read online that the Autograph Bamboo in the higher grade of 8 is an uncommon find. Stamped in block text on the right side of (what I believe is referred to as) the shank is "Italy". Stamped in block on the underneath of this area is "Savinelli Autograph". On the top of the stem is what I believe to be Savinelli's logo stamp. On the underneath
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