Saxgourmet Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece Low Rider. Brass .120 tip opening

A Saxgourmet Low Rider Baritone Saxophone mouthpiece. 120 tip opening. Made in unplated solid polished brass. I bought this mouthpiece direct from Steve Goodson (Saxgourmet is his trading name) 2, 3 or more years ago. I've tried it at home a couple of times but never used it for gigs. The Low Rider mouthpiece currently advertised on the Nation of Music site /index.cfm?action=product_info&item=114 may or may not be the same as the model I am selling. Whereas now it is advertised as being available with one tip opening (.105), this one has a .120 opening. Also the one currently advertised on the Nation of Music site has a one-screw ligature and engraved cap - this one has a traditional two screw ligature with a plain cap. It comes with a deluxe protective case with room for two more mouthpieces. From the Nation of Music website the current model sells for $255 (£159).
Although it is new it has one manufacturing flaw - in the left rail there must have been two air bubbles. The pits made by them are tiny, they are completely invisible in the photos, and can only really be detected by running a finger nail along the rail. They don't affect the performance of the mouthpiece at all.
This mouthpiece is a very powerful projecting piece - although the baffle is fairly high towards the roof of the tone chamber (somewhat like a Berg
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