Say V1 #15 Oct 28 1954 Wilt Chamberlain D Dandridge Ike

Say V1 #15 Oct 28 1954 Wilt Chamberlain Dorothy Dandridge President Eisenhower

This is a magazine about Black culture, from 1954. This issue says "New Review combined with Say, so I assume that New Review merged with Say. Features include: Confidential Say So; Negroes in Brazil; Ike Comes Through; Next Stop: The Moon?; John Kitzmiller Roman Actor; Meet Doctor Togba (first Black as head of World Health Organization); Religion: Churchmen Hear Intermarriage Report; Books on Review; Say It With Pix; Mr Legs (Wilt Chamberlain at 17); Is He Another Joe Louis? (Charley Powell); Do Women Really Hate Wolves; Say's Top Records; Star Bait for Broadway (Vivian Cervantes); Say's Social Register; Living It Up; A Date With Mary Smith (contest); TV's Sepia Tarzan (Mandrake the Magician, starring Coe Norton and Lisa Howard), and Woody Strode as Lothar; and more. Pics include Mary Smith, cover Vivian Cervantes, center girl Rosetta Davis, Eartha Kitt and Sammy Davis Jr, Wilt Chamberlain, Dorothy Dandridge, Billy Daniels, Ralph Bunche, and more. Mentions of soccer, politics, basketball, boxing, TV, and horse training. Measures approximately 4 1/8" x 5 7/8", with 68 pages including covers.

Please see pictures for table of contents, front and back cover of magazine, and a sampling of pages found within.

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