Scalamandre Silk Lampas Caitlan 3 1/4+ YDS Gold on Blue

CAITLIN - 3.375 yards sku: SE 20349-003 Lampas. 81% Cotton, 19% Silk. Color: Gold On Blue. Approx Width: 54 1/2". Approx Rpt: V. 2 1/2", H. 2 1/4" The edges of the selvedges are dusty in places. I am in the middle of a huge redecorating project and am listing many lovely things that I will no longer use, plus many more treasures gathered in my frequent travels.
I have collected quite a large number of textiles and pillows through the years and am using many of the beautiful fabrics I have on hand to make more pillow sets which I look forward to listing. My pillows are of the highest quality, characterized by luxury fabrics and beautiful trims collected in my travels around the world.
Re: Fabrics - to paraphrase Scalamandre, all textiles have signatures of nature which are not considered defects. They are naturally occurring characteristics. Some examples include black specks in silk, wools, cottons; broken threads in fine taffetas, and slubs or knots.
Re: Shipping - I don't make money from shipping and try to be accurate and conservative in my estimates. I will promptly refund any significant difference as soon as I print your shipping label.
Preserving my 100% feedback is important to me. Please ask any questions and . My listings typically run either 3 days or 5 days, and I try to list new things at the beginning
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