This is a brand new Loco I have never opened even to test. There is a small tear in the box.

From Spookshow...

Bachmann released another completely redesigned version of this locomotive in 2006. And as mentioned previously, it has (thankfully) very little in common with any of the earlier versions -

Features include:

- DCC ready (sort of)
- Die-cast boiler, underframe, and tender frame
- Precision motor
- Separately applied detail parts and laser-cut exterior detailing
- Die-cast finescale driver spokes
- Dummy knuckle couplers, front and rear

The split-frame chassis is all-metal and very heavy. The locomotive shell is also metal, making this one of the heaviest (non-brass) steamers ever made. The motor is a 3-pole "can". Left-rail pickup is provided by three of the four left-side drivers (the third-from-the-front set of drivers being equipped with traction tires). Additionally, all twelve tender wheels collect current (both left and right rail). The right-side drivers are all electrically neutral, as are the pilot and trailing trucks. A PC board mounted to the back of the locomotive chassis provides directional lighting control (with long wires running up to the actual bulb mounted in the front of the chassis). Wires run between the locomotive and tender, which are connected
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