G scale, LGB, Pola, Daisy's Farmhouse, In Pieces

You are bidding on one unbuilt "G" scale, LGB/Pola "Daisy's Farmhouse ". This structure is from the earlier generation of Pola plastic "G" buildings that used much heavier plastic and were generally larger. In my opinion, this generation of "G' buildings are much more durable than some of the newer plastic buildings, and being bigger they were suitable for the "narrow gauge" scale of 1:20.3. This structure, as can be seen from the 2000 Walther's catalog picture, originally retailed for $159.99. It is in pieces, as that is how I originally acquired it. All the main structural elements, such as walls, roofs, etc. are there, but some of the minor parts such as porch railings and steps are missing. Also, per the one photo, some of the foundation pieces are broken off and are missing --- sorry about that. Please examine the photos carefully, as what you see it what you get -- no more, no less. As I noted, this is a big building -- 18" x 17" x 12". It would make a great small business building, such as a doctor's office, where the front part was commercial with the family living in the attached wing. Economy USPS Parcel Post shipping in the domestic United Sates is a flat $18.00 -- sorry about the high shipping cost, but the packed weight of this item is slightly over 10 pounds . As I said, these old Pola buildings used thick and heavy

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