O Scale Lionel 455 Oil Derrick/Oil Pumper + AF Station

O Scale Lionel 455 Oil Derrick/Oil Pumper + AF Station

Two-piece lot of parts/project/repair items consisting of a Lionel #455 oil derrick/pumper and an American Flyer train station.

Derrick is missing the motor and I'm certain some other vital parts needed to make it whole. Tried to show it's good points in the photos.

American Flyer/A.C. Gilbert train station is all-metal construction. One corner of the roof is bent under but could easily be straightened. Has a socket for a bulb in the ceiling ( no wiring ). Has two sliding doors and one swinging door. No window frames. Sign on both ends of the roof read Mystic . Roof not attached to building. Marks on roof are chalk. Appears to be restorable with some windows, wiring and a good paint job.

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