O-Scale Lionel Illinois Central Switcher (#41) Custom Decorated, Runs Well

if you won 1 lot, or wait for my invoice if you won more than 1 lot

I had an O-scale/Lionel layout & collection in the 1980s. This has been in storage since 1987 and just unpacked this week. Lionel 41 US Army switcher colorfully redecorated for Illinois Central. Runs well, but it has been in storage 26 years so you should lub/oil it before running it.

SHIPPING $14.50 priority mail to USA. (Just in case you don't know, ebay/paypal skims 15% of your shipping payment off the top, so I only receive 85% of what you pay for shipping, which is normally less than my actual cost of postage & insurance.)

RETURNS I will accept a return if there is a significant error in the description.