RARE: SCALEXTRIC C2515 Dallara Indy IRL F1 No7 COCA-COLA Fujitsu 1:32 Slot Car

Brand New in the original plastic display case with outer sleeve with two extra pickup shoes contained on underside of case.
The exploded drawing illustrates the parts and sub-assemblies that comprise the Scalextric Dallara IRL slot car.
All mechanicals snap into receivers on the chassis pan. Even the 3/4 driver figure is attached to the chassis. The one-piece body is easily removed by loosening a few screws and lifting it off of the chassis pan.
These cars handle remarkably well, and are easy to drive by novices and experts alike. The low slung bodies produce a low center of gravity, making them easy to drive deep into a corner. The wide rear-mounted bar magnet grabs the rails and makes for a very stable racer. The extra width of the traction magnet allows the rear end to be hung out slightly in a corner while still providing good throttle control. Specifications Chassis In-Line Pan, Rear Wheel Drive Motor Mabuchi S Can - 18,000 RPM Gear Ratio 9/27 (1:3.00) Overall Length 155 mm Weight 65 Grams Wheelbase 94 mm Front Axle Width 61 mm Tire Diameter 20 mm Tire Width 8 mm Rear Axle Width 63 mm Tire Diameter 21 mm Tire Width 12 mm Magnet Neodymium Bar Guide Flag Self-Centering
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