Scalextric Le Mans

Scalextric Le Mans As original, still boxed, contains the full original kit. Has full instructions & info sheets. The additionals are the cars. As well as the 2 Le Mans edition Mercedes I added 2*Subaru Impreza WRC's - blue and orange, 1*TVR, 1*Porsche 911, 1*Ford Mustang (pictured (drives full tilt)) and 1*Limited Edition Mini Cooper (pictured). The Mini alone is a collectible, limited edition box & paperwork - the card shows the release number etc. It's had limited use all in all. I bought this for my son years ago and added to it on occasion. We built it, raced it but due to room constraints had to put it away after. For that reason it didn't get built so often! I truly have no idea what this lot is worth, the cost to me was £89 I think for the racing set and more or less £140 on the cars. Cash on collection is fine. I can deliver locally for fuel reimbursement if it helps. Thanks for looking.