Scarce 1889 Arbuckles Coffee Illustrated Atlas 50 Principal Nations Of The World

This auction is for a very hard to find 1889 Arbuckles coffee Illustrated Atlas of the 50 Principal Nations of the World. For as old as it is this booklet is in remarkable condition! I don't think you'll ever find another as nice. The book is complete and has no tears and it is not fragile like some paper items of this era. It's also not musty. The only thing to mention is some edge chipping. This is most evident on the back page and the next to last page. I have taken several pictures for you to see that. The book shows what the trade cards for each nation would have looked like. A very unique item for the collector who has everything. This particular book has sold in the past for upwards of $800 and that one wasn't nearly as good as this one. I am going to sell this one at auction with no reserve beyond my opening price, to the highest bidder. The booklet measures 7"x11". Any questions please ask~~~~