SCARCE" Antique Miniature Angel Oil Lamp, S1-325

"Scarce" Blue Shaded Miniature Oil Lamp with Angel Decor, Ca. 1893

Blue-shaded lamp with Angels, S1-325

About 8 3/4" tall to top of shade

About 3 3/4" wide at widest point

As Seen in Smith 1, Figure 325

Background & History: T's not much information about this lamp (which is pictured in Frank & Ruth Smith's book "Miniature Lamps" in Figure 325) in any of our references. However, based on this lamp's similarity to two other lamps (the Nellie Bly, S1-219 and the Sylvia Banquet Lamp (pictured in McDonald's "Evolution of the Night Lamp", page 36 as well as in Fig. 326 of the Smith book), it is possible that this lamp was made either by Dithridge & Company of Pittsburgh or its successor company Pittsburgh Lamp, Glass & Brass Company. This lamp, the Nellie Bly and the Sylvia all share similarly and uniquely designed chimney/shades. This lamp and the Sylvia also share a very similar angel decor (similar enough to suggest that the decor on both lamps was designed by the same artist). The Nellie Bly and the Sylvia both date to between 1889 and 1894 and so we'd guess that this lamp is from the same time period. (Interestingly, while we were researching another lamp, we came across a photo of the base of this lamp with several other lamps all attributed to Consolidated Glass--the
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