Scarce Cronau Book,Sioux,Sitting Bull,Buffalo Bill

Im Wilden Westen: Eine Künstlerfahrt durch die Prairien & Felsengebirge der Unionby Rudolf Cronau; Braunschweig, 1890; 383 pages, cloth, lots of lithograph plates and text illustrations. (Title might be translated: "In The Wild West: An Artist's Trip Through The Prairies & Rocky Mountains Of The Union" ) ========================================================================================== This is an absolutely rare and much desired book (even in Germany) by the well-known German artist, journalist, historian, collector Rudolf Cronau who in the 1880s travelled widely in the American west , sketching and reporting for the German periodical, DIE GARTENLAUBE. In this wonderful and most interesting 1890 book he finally brought together his travel reports, adding quality lithograph plates of his paintings and a large number of his excellent detailed drawings. The volume is replete with outstanding illustrations, most of which are only available : among them special lithograph plates of the Yellowstone Park, Yosemite, Bad Lands etc.; detailed drawings of various western landscapes, railroad, western life; plus awesome and very scarce portrait drawings of famous Sioux Indian leaders: Crow King (Hunkpapa), One Bull (Hunkpapa), Sitting Bull (Hunkpapa), Hump (Mineconjou), Black Bear ; plus scenes of Sioux Indian life, dances etc. ... read more