Scarce Early Rolls Razor 1926 Dont Miss It!

Offered for auction in this lot is a scarce Early Rolls Razor set. Don't Miss It!

Amongst the hundreds of Rolls Razors that appear for sale on eBay occasionally one of the very early sets come up for auction and this is on of them. The original 1924 Rolls Razor sets came in a completely plain metal case and this particular offered for sale was the first to be produced having a patterned lid in early 1926. Complete with its red leattte case with seal of the Kwanok Country Club, the silver plated Rolls Razor razor set is much more oblong in shape than the later models and has a distinct engine-turned patterned finish on each of the detachable lids.

It is in good condition although the outer case is a bit loose at one end and the metal razor case has a small dent and a small scratch on one of the detachable lids. The honing stone is also cracked which is not unusual in Rolls Razors of this age and can be replaced. Otherwise the set is in good condition.

A great item for Rasierer, Rasio, Rasoir, Rasierapperat collectors. Don't miss out on the opportunity to acquire this rarely found safety razor set.

I have tried to give an honest appraisal in my description of the items offered for auction. All items are packed and posted with great care. I will ship Worldwide. Payment through PayPal or a cheque as
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