Scarce Small Union No. 21 Transitional Plane

Scarce Small Union No. 21 Transitional Plane $14.95

Same size ( 7 inches long with 1 ¾âe blade) and numbering System as the Stanley model. This example is clearly marked NO. 21 and Union in an arch over the Pat. Oct. 22, 1889 . The wood is in very good condition with a ½ inch long check on the back, and the front mark is quite clear. The lateral adjustment lever is marked âeoePat. Appld Forâe making this possibly earlier than most examples. Front knob is beaded. Missing the blade, chip breaker and cap. Casting is not cracked but has only 40% of the japanning remaining. An excellent item to upgrade your collection if you have an example with a poor body or can pick up the missing parts.