The Stanley 444 Dovetail Plane is the only plane known that will cut both a male and female dovetail sliding joint either straight or tapered. The plane was unfortunately introduced (1912) about the time that most professional cabinet shops were moving to electric routers and shapers. The intricacies of the plane were often beyond the skill (and cost) level of the amatuer woodworker. This would account for the relatively few of these planes which exist. Due to the numerous parts utilized in the dovetailing process, the planes are often found with missing parts.

This example has it all: both fences, rods, both spur blocks (usually missing); all four blade (like new), and all nickers. The nickel on the main body is near full. The finger-jointed box is a nice craftsman-made replacement. The instuctions are a copy of the original.

Hard to find a nicer one!

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