Scarce Williamsburg Delft Faience Quimper Porringer! NR

Sankaat is pleased to present for your consideration this Handpainted Quimper Porringer made for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation! Based upon an original from Lambeth England circa 1720 in the collection of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, this porringer is an extremely scarce example crafted by the famed Quimper Faience for the Colonial Williamsburg foundation! Being hand molded using wooden molds (like the original), hand potted, hand glazed and hand painted, the quality of this outstanding reproduction is ideal for even the most discriminating of collectors. Quimper Williamsburg reproductions are considered to be just as scarce as the Westraven Delft Williamsburg Reproductions. For a short period of time (the early 1970s) the Colonial Williamsburg foundation commissioned several different manufacturers to produce some of the standard Delft pieces that were originally created by Oud Delft of Nijmegen. This Quimper CW porringer is marked on the undrside with the Henriot Quimper trademark and the Williamsburg Restoration (Craft House) hallmark of quality. It also has the Colonial Williamsburg Catalogue number painted in black on the underside (C-55). This scarce Williamsbug Quimper faience example is in good condition with some rim fritting to the glaze on the edge which was (at some time in its past) painted over and glaze ... read more