Scare 1894-s Morgan (SEE PROMOTION)

This auction is for the 1894-s Morgan coin as shown in the pictures.

You can see from the pictures that this coin is in ver fine condition.

The silver dollar in the picture are the coin you will receive if you win the auction.

Thanks for looking and if have any questions feel free to ask.

HOT FLASH!!!!!!!

As a promotion offer with each shipment of coins that you purchase from me I will

be giving away (free of charge) a silver coin. The value of the coin will depend

on your total shipment amount. The silver coins will not be plated and most of the

coins are before 1965 and the condition will be AU, UNC, BU, gem BU, silver proof

(after 1965) or a rare coin which will not always be AU or BU . Have fun and build a

new coin collection or add to your existing collection free of charge while you shop.

You can also ask me the coin I am going to send you as a free coin and request

another coin of equal value that you want instead. Chances are that I will have the

coin if it is silver. The market value of your free coin will be at least %5 of your

total invoice. This promotion will last for one month to celebrate my grand-

opening of KF Coins on Ebay.