Scars of Mirrodin - Mox Opal x1 - Nearly Mint

Up for sale Mox Opal x 1 Condition is Light Play, English. From the Scars of Mirrodin set, information shown on photo reflects actual card.
Only ship within U.S., shipping is $1.00. Slightly Played - Cards in Slightly Played condition show definite, minor wear. Examples of cards in this grade include cards with mild border wear, minor corner wear, slight scratching, or scuffing/loss of sheen on the front due to play wear. Cards signed by the card's artist or Richard Garfield, or bearing a pro tour stamp, are graded as Slightly Played condition, if they would otherwise be Near Mint or Slightly Played. Foils in this condition will generally have some clouding or wear on the front of the card. Sleeves may or may not be needed to play these cards in a tournament.