NEW Schaller Black S6 Vintage High O/P Single Coil Pick Up

You are viewing the Amazing Schaller S6 VINTAGE pick up in Black , as per picture

Schaller No 243 - These have been at the bottom ( out of view ) of a display cabinet for some time hence they are for sale @ silly price to clear .

Fender Strat™* type pickup with alnico 5 magnets and vintage sound. Particularly suited for guitarists who wish for sustained sounds with clear chord definition. Very responsive with an open, bell-like tone which allows a transparent and detailed reproduction of sounds that might become muddy in connection with effects devices.

The S6 Vintage Custom has six staggered magnets to achieve a perfect string balance. The sound character is very similar to that of the old original pickups. Medium output, typical funky strat sound with a pleasant emphasis on the bright side. Great for pop, funk and country. (*Fender Strat is a protected trademark owned by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation)

All Schaller pickups are manufactured to the highest quality requirements and the most demanding quality standards:

In order to avoid deviations, the number of coil windings are controlled with utmost care. For a constant sound quality and reduced microphonics, all relevant metal parts are made of German silver. To avoid microphonic problems, all coils are vacuum-potted by means of
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