Schelle Racing B6 Hub Caps -2mm Carpet and Astro - SCH1236

Part Number: SCH1236
Description: Schelle Racing B6 Hub Caps -2mm Carpet and Astro - SCH1236
Schelle B6 Aluminum Hub Caps, now -2mm lower for special Astro and Carpet setups.


-2mm height (4mm thick) upper cap for Schelle B6 Aluminum Hubs.Includes 4mm HD Associated Ballstuds and 1mm Schelle black ballstud plete set for 1 pair of hubs.Fits B6 or B6D for carpet and astro surfaces when using hinge pin height 2 or 3 on hub.Includes 2 x -2mm Hub Caps, 2 x 1mm ballstud washers, 2 4mm HD Ballstuds. *blue threadlock recommended
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