Schertler Ukelele/Acoustic Instrument Transducer Pickups (Pair)

2 Schertler Ukelele/Acoustic Instrument Transducer Pickups.

Including .

2 Schertler Transducer Pickups

1 48V Phantom PowerAdaptor

1 Battery Powered 1.5V. Adaptor

I wired two transducers to a nutrik mono jack socket to experiment with different sound options on guitars, mandolins, ukeleles etc.These are particularly brilliant for ukes and mandolins. I even used this setup for amplifying an upright piano with surprisingly good results. T his is a fantastic piece of kit for any acoustic musician who needs reliable and authentic amplified sound -whether you use a guitar amp with jack inputs or a mixer with 3Pin Mic Inputs with Phantom power .

Sorry about the wiring of the transducers, but don't be put off by that. You could change the configuration, have two independent transducer pickups for use on two separate instruments and get yourself a serious bargain.I have included two nutrix jack plug to socket connectors which may come in handy when you reconfigure and a high quality jack to jack instrument lead and a jack to jack patch lead (everything in the photo is included)Please ask any questions and