Schiaparelli Aqua Moonstones, Blue Crystals, AB & Faux Pearls Demi

"Blue skies smilin' at me, nothin' but blue skies . . ."

There's something about this aqua blue and aurora borealis demi by Elsa Schiaparelli that's as uplifting as Ella Fitzgerald's sunny "Blue Skies" song.

Maybe it's the glowing aqua blue moonstones, or the crystal clear blue stones, or the shimmery blue aurora borealis that this necklace and earrings showcase. It could also be the faux mabé pearls, which seems a nod to "the sun shinin' so bright" in the same song.

It's probably all of the above. This design is one of Schiaparelli's famous ones from the 1950s, and shares similarities with another famous motif, "Champagne Morning".

The set features clusters of stones whose colors and shapes blend beautifully. The centerpiece gems are the aqua blue moonstone cabochons, in round and oval shapes. Creamy round mabé pearls provide the striking contrast to the aqua stones. Clear blue faceted crystals, in ovals, teardrop and round shapes, plus round and teardrop aurora borealis stones, complete the awesome presentation.

The necklace has most of the moonstones and largest stones along the center portion, with graduated sizes of clear crystals, pearls and moonstones scattered along the rest of the strand. The necklace measures about 17" long, with the widest portion about 1" wide. It has a gilt chain, with
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