Schmidt Bazooka 4"and 3" Gold Mining Dredge

4" and 3" Schmidt Goldtrap Bazooka Dredge

Could be the best prospecting dredge ever made. Weight under 20 Lb. and breaks down to the size of a suitcase for transport or storage. Howard Schmidt designed these dredges over a period of 15 years of testing and development all over N. and S. America. Unfortunately he is no longer with us and his company is no longer producing these great units.

The 4" Bazooka was the mid-size in their line and likely the best at retaining small gold and moving large amounts of overburden. It was small enough to be powered with a 5 HP Pacer pump for light duty or a 5.5 HP Keene pump and compressor package for serious dredging.

Setting up and operating the Bazooka is a joy. The entire package can easily be carried in the family car. Since the total package weight with engine is under 90 LB. one person can carry it to the dredge site in one trip. Set up is simply hooking up one pressure hose and one pump suction hose. Prime the pump and start dredging. You are now about 2 hours ahead of the group with the 4" Keene style, and you didn't need the expensive pickup truck to haul it. I have a lot of experience with the Bazooka dredges and know they will retain fine gold better than most while moving 2-3 times more material. For those back woods locations t is nothing as portable and
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