ANTIQUE SIGNED SCHNEIDER FRENCH ART GLASS VASE WITH IRON MOUNT CIRCA 1920S. The glass body is mottled red-orange to yellow, and is mounted by iron, which to my eye resembles very moderne styled stick figures assending the sides of the vase. The design is Arts & Crafts in style with the hammered base, but also has an Art Deco & a very modern architectural element, with the simple & interesting criss cross design. Arms outstretched they climb...Anyway...this jewel has something for everyone, as I believe the design is as valid now as it was then. The vase is approx. 20 3/8"h X 9"(dia. top) X 5 1/2" (dia. bottom). It is signed on the lower side SCHNEIDER, and it is in good overall condition with a few minor surface scratches and t are a few tiny nicks on the top inside edge, of which I have photographed a few examples & included. T is one 1/8" imperfection in the glass, which I have included photos from different angles to see. I almost missed it, since it wasn't visible to me until I had the vase upside down and the light hitting it just right. I can't get a good photo given its small size, but hopefully you'll be able to see what I mean. The photo lost detail as I increased its size to make the area more visible. I am unable to determine whether this is original to the vase, or if it is part of its history and

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