SCHOENHUT Bassinet, Antique Wood Doll Crib c.1920s RARE

Authentic Wooden Schoenhut Bassinet (Doll Crib)

c.1920's estimate

This listing is for an antique doll bassinet/crib which was acquired from an 88 year old woman in New Jersey who was selling off her doll collection. I've taken many photos, including one of the Schoenhut Bassinet label on the side. Considering its' age, the bassinet is in good condition but does have condition issues the new owner will want to address. I will do my best to describe this item but please keep in mind it is difficult to mention everything when you are talking about a pre-owned, very old wooden item like this.

Measurements are approximately 25" wide x 22.5" high on one side and 21.25" high on other side (one side higher than other) x 14" deep. If you measure out to sides of wheels then it is 15.75" deep. Looks to me like all of the main pieces are including all 4 sides, all 4 original wheels, two bars used to slide side rail up and down, and the metal frame for under a mattress. Among the things you need to know when reconditioning this piece, the metal frame needs to be restrung, some hardware like a couple of screws are missing, and 1 of the 4 pegs that are used to hold up the metal mattress frame in the bottom of the bassinet is missing but peg can easily be replaced by a person with carpentry skills. You can leave wood finish
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