Very Rare Schoenhut Hyena- Humpty Dumpty Circus, Teddy Roosevelt's Adventures

One of the Rarest Schoenhut Animals is the Glass Eyed Hyena. This articulated Wooden toy made in Philadelphia, Pa by the Schoenhut Toy Company. This animal can be used for the famous Humpty Dumpty Circus set, but was usually used in the Teddy Roosevelt's African Adventure set. Selling him as found. He seems to have more black paint on his back than photos I found of this toy. I learned that the earliest Schoenhut toys have many paint variations. He has Glass Eyes, Leather Ears and a Rope Tail and is about 6" long. He is tightly strung HIs mouth is open and appears to be laughing. This toy has sold at auction for over $1500.00 but I am selling him for less as I believe he has been touched up or repainted. Please ask questions before Buying.