Well I go selling something else I said I would never sell. It took me 4 years to pry this off of are Old Friend Earl, Wish he was still around. I paid real good money for this frame set but you know if you delt with Earl the money had to be right in order for him to let anything go. I am not going to lie, I paid 3500.00 for this frame set and picked up 2 of them at that price at that. I know for some of you, You might think I am crazy but that is what the Hutch stuff does to me. I picked them up right befor he passed and planed on calling him for other things until I found out that he Died. I could not beleave it, I had to call his house just to confirm and when I found out that it was true, I felt like I lost my best friend in this hobby. We would talk for hours at times and he picked up on ebay quick. Yes he did give a lot of stuff to people cheep but it was never to late for him to make money. For those who were not able to get a piece of Earl's Stuff this is one that you may want. This is a mint NOS HUTCH HOLLYWOOD in Pink, Still with the warranty card still attached, Comes with the original box and is marked properly Pink hollywood from back in the day. This has a serial # with no I repeat NO baseball at the end. This is a US MADE frame, Straight out of Earls mouth. and appeared when it arrived. I did not right the serial # ... read more