Old School bmx - Rampar R-11XL, R-10 and Mity-Mite lot!

Selling this lot of THREE Rampar frame and forks. Here's what you get:
Rampar R-11XL frame and fork - This is the original frame that Toby Henderson promoted during the late 70's and early 80's. The frame is made of Reynolds 531 tubing, which was tabbed as "stronger for the same weight or lighter for the same strength" when compared to chromoly. Frame comes with perfectly matched Rampar 400 forks. This is considered the ULTIMATE RAMPAR in the states.
Rampar R-10 frame and fork - The R-11XL's more modest brother, with a steel frame. The classic gusset is timeless. Comes with TWO sets of Rampar 400 forks (one blasted and ready for paint).
Rampar Mity-Mite 16" frame set. This is the Rampar pit bike, and a fun project in itself.
All three frames, and two of the forks sport all the original stickers. The two 20" frames have a great patina, and look every bit the old school bmx that they are.
To recap, you get TWO 20" frames, THREE 20" forks and a 16" frame and fork. I'll also throw in a few other Rampar items I have to boot. Hopefully everything will ship in a single bike box.
I've been hanging onto my old school BMX collection for years, but just lost interest and have been paring down my collection. I'll be selling off alot of bikes, parts and accessories as time goes by. Currently on eBay are an
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