School Teacher's Desk--Oak. 1920's-1930's (We Think)

This old oak desk is the type found in school rooms around the U.S. in the 1920's, and, in some places, to the present day. I purchased this one second hand in 1966 in Washington, D.C. and used it to get through college and law school. I refinished it myself around 1975 with Minwax oak stain and a clear polyurethane finish. After law school I continued to use it in my home office. My children later used it for each of their school years. We came to call it the "Magic Desk" because, as things turned out, all of us who worked at this desk had successful academic careers.

The kids have grown, life has changed and it is time to let my "Magic Desk" go.

The desk offers a large work area (dimensions are currently unavailable and will be posted later. Desk is currently in basement storage.) It is easily disassembled for shipment.

It has had the obvious wear and tear over the years and has suffered from being in close proximity to several cats. It has claw marks on the lower legs that should be filled and repaired. The oak patina has darkened (which I like) but a new owner may want to refinish it.

We hope whoever wins this auction has as good and successful time with this desk as we have had.

Sorry, we cannot deliver. Successful bidder must arrange pickup in Brooklyn, New York

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