Schoolcraft Barber Dean's Set! PLUS Barber Sun/Moon

SCHOOLCRAFT DEANâe(tm)S SET âe" BARBER HALVES! + BARBER SUN-MOONBeautifully matched set! All the same date!
This is an incredibly beautiful âe" and versatile âe" set of coins, which can be used separately or together for literally hundreds of great effects.
First is a Deanâe(tm)s Set, made by top craftsman Jamie Schoolcraft. He used carefully matched, lovely old Barber half dollars. The set consists of an UNEXPANDED shell, plus four coins slightly cut down to fit. And what makes this set quite a rarity âe" all four coins and the shell bear the same date, 1912 âe" a subtlety prized by top coin men.
GUIDE TO PHOTOS: In the main group photo, the shell set is at the top, with the shell at the right. (Sorry about the lighting; one coin looks lighter in the photo, but see the "pyramid" photo for a better quality shot.) In the âeoepyramidâe photo, the shell is at the top. The shell fits perfectly over all the coins. As you can see in the side-view photo, the shelled coin is hardly any thicker than a regular worn Barber!
Next is a Barber Sun and Moon gaff. It was not made by Schoolcraft âe" and thatâe(tm)s only because he doesnâe(tm)t make this gaff. The Barber side of the insert also has the date 1912 âe" a perfect match for the Deanâe(tm)s set!
GUIDE TO SUN/MOON PHOTOS: You can see the Sun and Moon coin, unnested,
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