Schramberg **EVA ZEISEL** 1930's Art Deco BAUHAUS

This outstanding teapot was produced in Germany about 1930 by the Schramberger Majolikafabrik. In 1928 they hired Eva Stricker as their designer. She would later marry and take on a name that is much more well known, Eva Zeisel. I won't give a biography of her It is easy enough to Google her. Suffice it to say that she is one of the design icons of the twentieth century with examples of her work in the permanent collections of many museums. This teapot is part of a tea set I am auctioning. When you see the unique shapes of the teapot and teacups it is OBVIOUS that Eva Zeisel was the designer. The late 1920's and 1930's were an incredible period of design innovation. Many elements were emerging including deco, streamline, and constructivism. The teapot is about 10" across from spout to lip and about 5" high. It is in very good shape. In the photo of the company stamp on the bottom you can see the only significant chip. It is not really visible when the teapot is standing. T are very small glaze chips (fleabites) on the edges, especially on the lip (look carefully at the photos) but t are no cracks or crazing. This is pretty remarkable considering it's age. I am spacing the auctions to give people a chance to bid on more than one. If more than one auction is won I will work to combine items to save shipping. Questions welcomed. Charges ... read more