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8” long front to back 3.5 inches between mounting screw holes (standard size) (INCLUDED)
metal horn button fits approx 3/4 inch hole.
YOU ARE BIDDING ON a brand new Unused bicycle Battery tray and horn with steel Horn button. Takes 2 d-cells and Fits Schwinn Black Phantom, Schwinn Panther, SCHWINN Autocycles, SCHWINN B-6, SCHWINN deluxe Hornet, SCHWINN Hornet , Columbia and Elgin pre war tanks and can be made to fit most other balloon tire bicycle horn tanks.
NOTE: DOES NOT fit the smaller middleweight tanks of the Panther III which has a much smaller horn button and is half the size of the normal Balloon bicycle tanks.
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each horn is bench tested and tuned for maximum “beep beep"
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