Schwinn Stingray Reproduction of the Classic Bike

Up for bid is an awesome reproduction Black Schwinn Stingray.

This is a post from a leading vintage bike website:


Schwinn Bicycles announced this month that it will re-issue the classic Schwinn Sting-Ray model in very limited quantities. The black, banana seat bike was one of the popular series models from the 1960s and will be available at select Independent Bicycle Dealerships and Wal-Mart.
This bike will be distributed to Dealers between September 2004 and January 2005, and only a few thousand will be produced. Consumers can visit / to find a dealer nearby.
"The resurgence of interest in the classic Sting-Rays has been a pleasant surprise," said Byron Smith, Schwinn’s President and Chief Operating Officer. "The new, chopper-style Schwinn Sting-Ray has become the fastest-selling bicycle model of all time, and this excitement has generated renewed interest in Schwinn’s original, classic Sting-Rays."
Two other models of classic Schwinn Sting-Rays were offered earlier in 2004, the Coppertone Sting-Ray and the Grey Ghost. The Coppertone is a replica of the earliest Sting-Ray model, and the rare Grey Ghost is based on the 1971 Krate Series model of the same name that featured Silver Mist paint. Each reissued model quickly sold out and the reissued Pea Picker is expected to
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