Schwinn Tech & Spec 1.3 Guide Book catalog cruiser jaguar hornet tiger vintage

At long last, the new Schwinn Tech & Spec guide book is here. Version 1.3, with more pictures, more info, wider date range, and so much more. 600 pages! Print run limited to 1118 hand-numbered copies! Soft-cover bound. 8.5" x 11". A ridiculous amount of information and insight. Scads of pictures. Scads of schematic diagrams. This book covers all the different Schwinn models, not just the currently collectible ones. This is the single best reference book on Schwinn bikes ever assembled.
This book covers electroforged Schwinns 1946 - 1982. It is a book that has no equal. It is the product of passion and dedication and a bit of madness and a smidge of depression and nearly twenty years of laying hands on Chicago era Schwinns and peeling back the years and the neglect. This is the book that I wish that I'd had when I was first getting into the hobby. This is the book that I wish I'd had after five years in the hobby, after ten years as well. Oh, the common bikes that I chased down like they were gold! Oh, the rare bikes that I let slip through my fingers! Reduce your regrets, increase your happiness: buy this book.
Here are the chapters in this book:
- Frames and Kickstands
- Rims and Tires and Spokes
- Fork types
- Rear hubs and basic repair
- Front hubs
- Chainrings and chains
- Cranks, Headsets,
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