Scott # 467 carmine error in block of 6 - OG VLH

This is a beautiful block of 6 - one of the great historical error stamps with the 5 cent error in the bottom center - not only is it with the 2 cent stamps but the original 5 cent is blue so there is a great collectible value - it is in great condition with a VLH Original Glue SCV is 2,000.00
I am just beginning to auction a very large collection of stamps from back of book to many many valuable singles - Columbus high value - Zeplins - and as early as no 1 US - some great foreign also - and blocks - I also have a large group of first day covers and other unusual postal items - including FDC's on wooden veneer postcard - I will give the best description I can but know that I am not an expert - stamps will be accepted for return if they do not match picture(a clerical error only - it happens) I will leave it to you to decide based on my general description and picture if the item is right for you-
My goal is to divest myself of this collection in the new year and hopefully make a lot of collectors as happy as I was to own these great parts of history