Scott 526, Used Superb, 2c Offset Washington, Type IV

Superb centering, sound condition, 2014 Scott pricing for Superb is $400 - a Gem stamp!

(Inventory Item: P15_704)

Satisfaction guaranteed. Buy with Confidence! I have over 5000 positive feedbacks on eBay with NO negatives.

Shipping: Small stamp lots Free to USA and $1.15 to Canada and rest of the world. Additional single and small stamp lots may be combined for free. Cover lots to USA and Canada $1.50 for 1st three covers. For more than 3 covers, add $0.25 for each additional cover. For rest of world, $2.00 for 1st 3 covers, and add $0.50 for each additional cover. Certified or insured mail provided for US shipments of $50 or more . For Canada and WW, registered mail at standard fee rates. Shipment fees outside of USA/Canada to be determined based on destination and lot purchase price.

Member of American Philatelic Society (APS 182360). Have fun and

Dave Coleman

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