ScoutWatch for Baseball. Makes Radar Guns Obsolete! NIB

The new ScoutWatch combines the functions of a radar gun (without using radar), pitch counter, umpire A large display enables viewing from arms length, and a mode indicator makes operation very simple.

The patented ScoutWatch is the only device on the market that is PRE-PROGRAMMED for every size field, including all softball and baseball fields with different pitching distances. The ScoutWatch is designed specifically for baseball operations, including one-touch pitch speed measurement in MPH (also KPH), and a ball-strike counter for both Home and Away, including pitch totals with independent resets.

In the UMP mode, the ball-strike indicator automatically resets to 0: 0 after walks and strikeouts, and also resets after 3 outs. When turned off and back on, it remembers all previous data, including which mode you were in. Switching modes does NOT delete data from the other modes that may have been used.

Lastly, the ScoutWatch can be programmed for any distance up to 100,000 feet, so that if you want to see how fast a runner runs in MPH, or how fast a car speeds around a racetrack, you can both get the LAP-TIME and the MPH.

Have fun inthe stands at your next game measuring how fast the pitchers throw. Keep track of pitch counts, or practice umpiting. A radar gun,

Every coach or umpire should
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