SCOVILL dry plate camera 5x8" ca. 1885 beautiful outfit with lens & plate holder

An outstanding example of the Scovill Dry Plate Outfit #B -- 5x8" (1882-1885) Folding, rear focussing, three-piece lens board, all-originial including case. Only one screw is missing, otherwise complete and fully functional. With provanance -- original owner's name and New York, NY address.
THE CAMERA: Is stamped "Scovill Mfg. Co. N. Y." on the front right rail. A serial number of 283 is stamped on the inside front standard as well as the rear. The extreme front board that holds the lens and lens board on the front is sliding with a vertical rise, and that part is also stamed 283. The thumbscrew used to lock the lenboard in postion appears to be original. The focussing back, although a slightly different color of wood, is also stamped "283" and the glass is certainly nineteenth century glass, apparently held into the back with the original pins. Bellows are flexible and pliable, excellent condition. The only issue with the camera is that the locking thumb-screw that locks the folding track to the base is missing. Although there are two holes, other examples seen on the internet show only one of these thumbscrews is part of the camera design. the second hole is 'blind' and doesn't go through the wood and doesn't appear to have any purpose. See ebay photo.
THE LENSBOARD: is stamped "Scovill Mfg. Co. N. Y." on the front
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