Scrap Gold,14 K Gold 50.29 Grams,10 K Gold 4.59 Grams

Variety of 14 K and 10 K Solid gold jewelry, mostly scrap. 1 bracelet, 1 small chain and 3 pair of earrings could be repaired and/or worn now. One earring has small pearl. One ring has diamond chips. Weight of 14 K gold is 50.2887 grams all stamped. 2 pieces of 10 K gold jewelry includes usable art deco type mens ring with pink stone and 1 earring. Weight of 10 K gold is 4.58 grams stamped. Karat weight and weight confirmed by jeweler. (Per jeweler 35.72 dwt 14 K Gold, 2.95 dwt 10 K Gold converts to 50.29 grams 14 K and 4.59 grams 10 K)