Scrap Gold Dental Crown Gold 2.2 grams LARGE Molar

Scrap Gold Dental Crown Gold 2.2 grams LARGE Molar

Scrap Gold Dental Crown Gold 2.2 grams. This came off a LARGE Molar back tooth. Sitting on a silver dime so you can better figure the size. Dentist drilled a tiny hole all thru this one to use a tool to pull it off. You can see the hole in the pictures.

It's a fraction or two under 1/4 inches tall, a measuring tape bar under 1/2 inch long and of course it's hollow inside so it could fit over his large back molar. Very thick gold crown I tried to scrape off all the dental glue but t's still some t you can see it in pictures. Slightly longer gold on one side.

Lots of pictures.

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