Scrap Gold Plating Recovery Cell-Electrolytic-DIY

Scrap Gold Plate Recovery"- Do It Yourself

I am the original designer of this system, November of 2004. There are several copycat sellers who market this system but according to comlaints I have received, they are unable to answer any questions or address any concerns that the buyer may have. Use caution.

This Instructional Report is intended for the recovery of gold from scrap gold plated flatware, scrap gold plated metallic electronics hardware, scrap gold plated jewelry, etc.

Most "Home Gold Recyclers" do not posses enough Gold Plated material to justify purchasing an expensive Recycling System. If you attempt a leaching system, you must carefully consider the dangers, costs and disposal of chemicals. However, manufacturing and operating an Electrolytic Scrap Gold Plate Recovery Cell is simple, economical and safe.

Years ago, I designed this very simple system, using common, easily obtainable, household chemicals. The system is small, portable, simple to manufacture, operate and store. It allows you to do whatever amount of scrap materials is on hand, economically, and without dependency on chemical or equipment suppliers.

Much of the equipment and chemicals are probably in your home right now or are available at your local Hardware or Pharmacy. Everything necessary to effortlessly manufacture
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